• Welcome to Construwise

    The platform for managing your construction projects

  • Made for Owners and General Contractors

    to get accurate and timely information of the status of their projects

  • Made for General and Trade Superintendents

    to inspect, track, instruct and collaborate with all participants on a project

  • Made for Trade Sub Contractors

    to collaborate with clients and their own subs across several projects

Our Solutions

Whether your property is under construction, partially or fully delivered, or under renovation, effective collaboration among project participants is key to successful outcomes. Find how AtHere by ConstruWise suits your needs.

For General

Effective collaboration for Superintendents and Subcontractor teams on a construction project

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For Trade

Practical collaboration for teams working on multiple projects for multiple GCs

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For Property

Streamlined, ongoing maintenance, warranty repairs and tenant services

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Our Products


A platform for effective field collaboration that reduces costly rework, avoids cascading delays and improves quality

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The view from the top! A centralized dashboard that leverages field data for dynamic reports and powerful analytics

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A simple attendance manager that gives workers the ability to check-in/out and to respond to safety questions using WhatsApp

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